3 things i wish my crush will tell me

3 things i wish my crush will tell me

3 things i wish my crush will tell me

Once upon a time their was a guy call mike.

Mike was something tremendous that we should all read about.

Mike was on a journey in searching for the love of his heart.

On his journey he finally found the girl he was looking fore without getting chance for an approach.

So this how mike went:

Mike keep thinking about this girl, so cute that she is the first person that comes through his mind when he get out of bed.

so he thought about giving it a try to speak with her, and also to have a special time with her, but it seem that some bunch of cronies her desperate to get are attention too.

before he could imagine mike notice someone his already doing what he wanted to do.
After some time the guy started making the topic fun and it look like she didn’t want to leave anymore, before mike could imagine, she started giggling with this guy and before mike could think of anything else they started exchanging number. Suddenly it seem mike could not take this shit anymore so he left them not to get more jealous or angry.

now mike chance seem slim , but now it look like, the event as conspire against mike.

Mike has lost all hope getting a chance to speak with her.

Gunning his skill this time seem irrelevant.

Suddenly mike felt sad, thinking about this same guy who spoil the show for him what will he be doing with her at this point.

This is the same things mike wanted to do with her, talking I guess , making her feel special, and also making her feel she is on top of the world! So sad, the plan didn’t workout the way mike thought

So now mike pump in alot of boldness, promising himself he is not going to let his mood down. So he said the next time he see her he is going to impress her to the core.

“Now picking up the courage is now in mike gameplan, now ,mike want to Improve his confidence, that is part of his target”.

Ok ,now mike want to make it happen, but still after trying all he could ,it is still the same old story . Every thing about is confidence went lame without any chance of getting her attention .


Why was this so with Mike?

I need to point this out, mike try all he could to get a chance to talk to this girl, but trying all he could brings to him no luck , do you think he was shy? No! Of course.

The problem was, he was lacking what to say, in a way that opportunity seems to pass him by.

In my research I found out that alot of people lost all opportunity in asking one beautiful girl out because of a disorder ” not knowing what to say to her “.

It not about impressing her or doing a nice pickup lines, it all about ” conversation”. Making it interesting, giving that
Nice conversation that bring her mind back on track. And, also making her feel she want to spend the whole week with you.

so now i want to tell you this:

3 things i wish my crush will tell me

#1 she would be expecting you to ask her more about her self.

Your chance of getting her lies on what you tell her.
like I said, the reason most guys don’t get a chance to make it work, is that they normally introduce a “shallow conversation” a conversation with no confidence. And also
That don’t inspire fun, most time guys normally say things like” how are you”,” what did you eat”, i like your eyes” etc.

“That an impressive suicide attempt”

Understand this:

She as heard a thousand word of that, you need to understand that does kind of ” word” have a chance to fade in her ears.

So, now what missing from your conversation is:Herself. That what missing.

#2 she is expecting you to spend more time asking her more about What makes her different from every one else.

Many guys don’t realise this ;

a girl don’t want to be the same with other girls, the want to be different and special from other girls.

That why most time, they will do all they could to get all the attention for themselves.

So, bumping into her telling her everything that made are different from her other pair’s is great way to start a pretty thing with her.

# 3 humour does the magic but don’t overdose it.

Listen to me carefully, because I’m about to tell you the truth that is hiding in plain sight.

“Humour”! Well, let me break it down.
Come to think of it I know many guys out there have use this tactics to get the most outstanding date with the most beautiful girls.

often times we go out for a date with a beautiful girl, eventually looking at her when no humour is felt ,she will start feeling bored,

then think about trying to bring humour to the chat, then you will see action will begin to reveal itself. Yeah it work! Sure it does. Interesting right!

The problem with most guys is that ; the tend to do too much of it. So, apparently doing too much of the humour thing, make her feel you her trying to impress her.

So now the lesson is that; humour take your journey in getting her to the next level , but dont try so hard.

Processing this to reality we take you as far as you can go in your journey in keeping the most wanted girl in your side. So promise yourself you are not going to be like mike.

Thanks for reading. I promise to bring you more entertaining post

Written by ~ DYG ADMIN !

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