4 question everyone need to answer before reaching the hight in life that we desperately crave.

4 question everyone need to answer before reaching the hight in life that we desperately crave.

4 question everyone need to answer before reaching the hight in life that we desperately crave.

Practical in a decade this is the most busiest century in a life time it is call the  busiest time for everyone that want to succed in life.

In this period in life, every thing about success as become a game between individual both in various organisations,  company and any cooperation.

It turn out that we need to work our ass out to get that one square meal.

Either way the case maybe,
So now the  only thing our mind know about at this period is to succed either direct or indirect way.

That might not sound perfect but that what is going on.

But before actualise this hight in life.

it seems alot of sacrifice need to be taken, principles, rules, law and actions need to be put in place to get the  best of ourself.

So before taken any journey to success we most set aside some  addicted habit that might slow our chance down in processing it .

So now trying  not to fall in the wrong path we have to do what right conciously in putting it to work.

Here is it:

# 1 Do we you know were we are at this point.

This is the same question I ask my self every day.
Were am I?  Am I doing better? I hope I am doing great. This normally pop out most time from our  Mind, because we are concious of every step we take in life.
In doing so,

The most important question every successful man will ask himself is the always want to do better than  before a successful man never think or talk about is past glory he only Learn from it to perfect the task ahead of him.

So now, for you to get a good idea or knowledge on what level you are representing at this point,


” you must be a man of number”. You must try to look back on every step you take an how to get more higher on a day 2 day basis.


# 2 you need to know the level you want to reach.

More importantly, we need to be aware on the level we want to reach a particular task, mission or campaign.

The problem with few individual is that, not that the don’t know what level to reach, but the find themselves more  comfortable in a particular point.

And this is why:

When you are comfortable the only thing you need to think of is, purpose and vision.

Those are the primary factor that can make any  man successful but when both are not there to guide you on the part you need to  take abuse become an air.
So for you to guide your thought, you just need to think about your purpose on that journey and what do you want to achieve.

# 3 you need to think why you want it.

Every man have a reason of wanting a particular thing it can be anything in life, but the thing is that what values to put in it. You might want a particular thing but you don’t value it.

In making successful step in life, you need to remember that  every thing that is important your goal should not be taking for granted.

The likes of mark zukerberg and alot successful people did not take there success factor for granted , the stick to it and this thing eat them up, the think like there goal, the act like there goal. That how successful people work , they are focus minded people.
So if you want to get a chance to level yourself at a point with successful mind you need to ask yourself what do I want.

# 4 do you know how you going to get there.



“The expectations of life depend upon diligence; the mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools” confucius


Work must sharpen it tool, the only thing I love about confucius quote was that is said “work must first sharpen it tool”

See before getting the higher praise in life, work or any place you find your self in life you must keep practising continously till you become “mastery” that why you need to sharpen your tool.

To be successful is a journey that need continius focus and determination. Without this two it will be very difficult for you to get there.

Written by ~ DYG ADMIN !

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