4 Ways to Help You Think Like an entrepreneur 

4 Ways to Help You Think Like an entrepreneur 

4 Ways to Help You Think Like an entrepreneur 

After Launching  your business organisation. Walking into your dream career  makes you  feel like  you  are on top of the world. So now,  On your way starting this journey,  something  happen, Now  Being over Exciting and joyful , you are  so zealous to make it happen immediately. On your journey to success the next thing that cross your mind , planning to put a  new idea to work seem desperate and also your business look like an empire. And also the most   successful organisation anyone as ever think of , in a period of time it seem nothing good is coming out from this plan, also good idea  are not pouring out the way you wanted it. Nevertheless it  like you just wasted your time building a house on a clay , as it seem you are now thinking of closing it down  .

It looks like now you don’t act like you own the business anymore. not only you don’t act like you own it. Also you dont think like an entrepreneur either.
This seems you are so frustrated about moving forward with it.
On your face you feel Emotionally down, drained and more confuse.

Never to worry i gat you:

In most cases. often times this is what goes through alot of entrepreneur aspiring to make there business more a success.

it comes a time in your business days that everything might seem unproductive but, never to give up hopes, we got plans for you.

That why I did a research on 4 Ways to Help You Think Like an Entrepreneur

# 1 spy on your competitors

often times  entrepreneur find it so  difficult to know things about their competitor.
In today society’s achieving a milestone in entrepreneurship, you need to advance in a way of  knowing  activity of your idol or competitor in keeping track on them.

In other words, most of the seminars i attend, I usually advice most entrepreneur , In order to think like an entrepreneur you need to check what is trending in your field in other to get an idea to re-create yours.

# 2 test run an idea dont , Dump it.

“Each idea bring a unique plan.A concrete idea shapes a plan”.

Are you not tired of discovering people ideas leaving yours  behind.  so let do a  simple trick that can change this picture  that  you have created ,

This is the joke:

Society will tell you if you dont go to the best school you can get the best idea. Lame and pity to does that accept that conflict.

today i consider myself the luckiest man escaping from that mentality when i almost got “hack” by this damn society.

you doing nothing will not give you a good chance of being productive,

Here is the Goal:

“idea need to be build not assume”

Start from the scratch saving idea just  like a how great entrepreneur idol does theirs,

it a sure bet you too can grow.

Ok ,now this is the hack:

A creativity mind attract crowd? I think it those attract crowd but , instead of pursuing nothing  choose a  niche that clique to what you can believe on. That why you need to attract your own kind of crowd .

Get this :
you need to notice a common enemy.

Trying to be a copycat.lame!

# 3 consciously never celebrate your first victory.

At some point in our life , we usually find ourselves celebrating a thing whenever we find victory competing in it. this often occurred to us most of the time conciously and unconsciously In  any kind of way.

This attitude pop out our smile, heal our mind to do more and strengthen our lungs to breath well, but after a period of time, it vanish Like it never existed causing this same  confusion of nothing ever happen, then we start looking for a way to achieve something like that. So in this case keep working.

# 4 A never give up mindset

Often times life punches everyone on the face. It has happen to few alot, but the strike back, create an unfolding drama wether to give-up or keep-up. As long as you keep fighting you have giving your self a never give up mentality and that is a go for you.

So in this situation awareness makes you maintain a constant drive and also determination on The long run.

In this minset here what stand to be the beauty of it:
(1)because when this clock keep moving  you did not give up strength came to stay (2) when this clock keep moving  you didn’t lose focus idea comes to stay (3) when this clock keep moving  it self mastery comes to stay then awareness follow.

This are milestone in becoming a good and successful entrepreneur.

Written by ~ DYG ADMIN !

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