why the internet need your  hobby  

why the internet need your  hobby  

why the internet need your  hobby  

You want to spend more time doing something you love,  and less time doing crap you hate. Ok, now this is the place to be.

Also, if it seem your hobby got nothing to do with the internet.think again!

Probably, 67% of people nowadays Spend much of their time making  more money from there hobby online than outside maybeBay as the case maybe

it seem this online hobby is a  game changer in the 21 century.

More importantly, there is a thing to understand about hobby.
So this is it:

Does it seem to be something passionate or something not in the market? No! The actual fact is that hobby is a lifetime enjoyment. An ability that is inborn, that inspire you to be creative. And, also does it seem  it attract less stress when applying it ?of course, yes!

Come to think of it, I have seen alot of people doing well with there hobby while I have also seen few complaining that is a time waster. shocking right!

Here is the thing:
The problem with most of this people looking at it from the scratch, it seem alot of practise and work as not been put in place.

in this case, I know those people have alot of reason changing this lovely passion into another source of income, After it as not inspire much confidence .but it seem that what the love the most can not be change.

But, what i think is lacking there is lack of “courage and understanding”.

” rustle up more courage” if you are one of them.

So, let get to business:

The fact is that, people are using there hobby to influence follower  online.sure!

the internet may seem as a tool to make a living.sure it does!

Basically, there are few category that makes up a hobby, it could come in different aspect
this is it…..
🎾 sport
Acting and alot more

In my own case, writing as always been my passion, I  have always been so  passionate about writing. But it took me alot of time to discovered this. On my journey toward discovering my passion, i came crashing in alot of stress, pain and  society factor. But, i came to realize that this was what i know how to do best, “writing of course”. after  few  days, I started getting encouragement from people that I should start writing story and quality content on the internet, but after thinking about it this change the story of becoming a writer.

One thing I love about my passion (writing) is that, it take all the stress out of me.
In fact you can still  enjoy it too if  you can put yours Into practise.
so, this is what you have to do;
” rustle up more courage” if you are on the same  page with me”.

So, I tell you, If you are choke with a cloudy view of What is happening in the real world  I bet it, you need to make it happen.

Here is the question;

How can I make it happen?

Here is it:

Clearly, it might interest you to know that hobby to Some people, Is just waste of time.
In this case, Gabriel Joshua sum up the sum this concept of passion perfectly:
” when you acquire a passion for a thing learn to formulate and understand it potential, because you might loose focus of it important ”
But how can we actualized this thing?

Here is it  again:

” Always get the commitment of others in any undertaking. Involve beget interest and commitment beget power”__herb Cohen

the perfect truth I know is that; even though you have not been getting complement from people, you just have to meet with people that have the knowledge of it, read the right content of it and, also get latest news about it. It could boost your passion for it.

So before you began this journey. This what you need to do first;

(1) you need atitiude to make it happen

(2)Meet with people who have the same interest with your passion. It a nice way to start

(3) total practise it a foolproof

(4)have a game plan for it to generate income .
So in this case lingering is not the real goal. if you want to fuel ⛽ this “unburned passion”. All you have to do is just to visualise this dream.

So, in order for you to put your hobby into practise as a financial engine to make a living online.
You need to start now!

Written by ~ DYG ADMIN !

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