How this 3 tricky Ways will make people notice you when you already being unnoticed

How this 3 tricky Ways will make people notice you when you already being unnoticed

How this 3 tricky Ways will make people notice you when you already being unnoticed

In a more convenience way I want to put this straight to you, tell me why do you want to be notice by everyone? In a more clearer note is it because you are an attention addict or you are something more than that? OK now I see, let just say you just want to be “popular” right!
So, now how about you getting this full attention but still your not yet satisfied your ego or your not that fulfilling at first.
The fact is that we ain’t going to be notice because we are just tasty for it.

There are two ways I put it. It is either you going to be notice for a reason or for no reason.
But in both side it all a trick to get admire by crowd.

Ok, let say something like This: some one walk up to a friend before you could imagine the start pouring out comment on how the seem to admire most thing about you, because you were not known by them the were just giving out nice comment about you. That what I call being notice by people.

This is the thing:
Everybody want to be notice or admire in this present world. Impressing right!
But the thing is that few people lack that style of getting more attention with less stress,

This time let break it down to you

# 1 the smiling pretender

In a more serious note, this is the type of communication you make with out saying a word.

Yes offcourse! Most of us fall in this category, I represent this one.

Why I call it a smiling pretender this are kind of people that put everything about themselves in a smile ,

The become notice in every were the go, because people around them have a simple way of describing them.

This how people describe them ” Are you talking about mike that guy that smile alot”


You see this how people see this kind of people.

They are good in smiling both in their place of work or at home, they always learn how to smile. This are the Kind of people you don’t actually recognised when they are going to be angry.

Not only that we all need to learn how to be a good smillers no matter the condition we fall into,
It help to calm us down and make us forget hateful things.

# 2 The man with the complement.

This is the kind of communication you make without saying alot.

People like this are so difficult to find compare to days back.
It seems everyone are too busy searching for everything.
And also forgetting little important things.

To point this out giving out complement is best way of getting notice and also being popular. Yeap!

But it not difficult if we are going to make up our mind to began complementing people.

The thing is that we need it, so as to be described more pleasantly

# 3 giving out good advice

Little we know about a good advicer, This are people that always want to help out in any problem the seem it is possible for them to solve.
They are always their when you need them and they always give out good advice to anybody that find them helpful.

This are people that get noticed by crowd no matter how the seem to hide themselves people will still pull them out from their cave in make a helpful tool out of them.
I know you would love to start yours.
If you are willing it not that difficult you just make sure you change old habit try to refresh your mind and get new ones.

Written by ~ DYG ADMIN !

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