Driveyourgoal is a digital Media / News that was founded in April 12 2019 by a Nigeria Entrepreneur, Blogger , Speaker and Author Gabriel Joshua

Our mission at Driveyourgoal.com is to empower and inspired people by spreading knowledge of self development and life changes story to the world. This is my story:

Going through the struggle in life, I have fail several times, in all aspect of life. Family, friend, businesses and alot more that l can’t not put in word. But in this struggle through  failure it was when I knew I had a great talent in writing and motivating people but it all started with me motivating my self first before taking it out to others. And through this I have been getting alot of     encouragement from family and friends. Now do you see the kind of thing that change my views about life

Through then and now I have a new lifestyle and a new way I see the world that why I want to share my thought  and my passion with you.

So,www.driveyourgoal.com is a motivating, inspiring and informative site that get you connect to your passion.

Also, it bring a long lasting dream of you getting to the top, and when you get there you will never  come down again.

Am not boosting but I encourage stick with us and let your dream become reality.

Motto: If you can imagine your plan, we can help create it.