How this 4 Ways can make you utilise information properly and think more efficiently

How this 4 Ways can make you utilise information properly and think more efficiently.

  1. How this 4 Ways can make you utilise information properly and think more efficiently.

The liberal thing few of us know about information is to get it and the next day we dump it or do  away with it, then most of us is to keep it but also lost it on a long run.

Does this  mean  we are creating new habit of forget things or not making use of our thought.

Let me point this out clear to you, it time for us to know that at this busiest time of life. We need to be careful on the type of information we waste and consume.

“information as become a commodity that we need to be wary.

This not the time we waste away information and become a novice on the same things  we lost  a long time.
It is more common for people this days to say “i picture this same information some were in can’t remember  or I read this in a book an few minutes it all escape me” why is it so?

Yes offcourse! We find ourself in this same  shoe more often for some of us that are not mindset full on our action or thought.

But now how can we utilise this thing as become more challenging for you and me, but the the thing is that we quickly forgot it advantage.

So, now let put an end to it.

# 1 Being a  good listener thoroughly do help.

Now I know most post you have read talk about listen and listen continuesly it seem you do this listening thing but still it doesn’t work.

Here is the why:

A good listener is someone that give full attention on a point, topic, speech etc.
He is someone that hate to be distracted anytime he is focus on a particular thing.

This are little I know about a good listener.
Think about it, try to be in this same person shoes and give full attention on every point of speech or anything that Might come your way, then you will see the beauty about being a good listener.

You might be thinking how can you go about it.
First of all when I started mine, I was totally distracted in my youthful days till the time I read an article like this so the first thing you need to do

Buy a “radio” and pay full attention on every word, I promise it will help you alot, but not only that “books” also help but you could use any one that is convenience to you.

# 2 learn to be calm

This is a sure bet, I could bet my money on this one.

It work very well, the problem with most people the can not be calm for few minutes without moving there mouth,

To think more efficiently the Truth is that you need to learn how to be calm, the the best way you could remember important things.

So now to break it down to you,

Our famous bill gate create a day for himself and  he call it ” think week” this is a time for him to find a lonely spot it might be taking a tour to other country alone, to have is quiet time.

So now to be succedful you need to learn how to be calm it help also.

# 3 having a  nap at noon also help

If you have find yourself most time during he middle of the day resting we are on the same page.

Coming to think of it afternoon nap help alot because it calm the brain down after going through alot of stress or pressure.

Even medical practitioners also advice us to learn how to rest during the day.

The need for you having good health and a thinking capability to utilise good information we need to learn how to rest during the day.

I hope this little piece of information might help .

Thanks for reading this post

Written by ~ DYG ADMIN !

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