In our  social life forgetting someone might be tough and a bit difficult ,because there is every reason reality will put a reminder on you, either by the things you come in touch with maybe getting a glance of there cloth, colour of their eyes, the way they smile, sleep or the perfume the use and also the action the take doing most things.

So, basically this might sound familiar to you in reality , but, most of use might be in this shoe. Of course ! But now are we  really having issue moving away from It? That were the problem is. Yes of course, and maybe this were the issue lies.

So, in this  case it might be your boss, colleagues or choice of friend neither the case maybe.

But, the problem Is that do you want to move away from this tough spoto?

We don’t want to have anything to so with there memory that is stuck in our head.

So, now I give you: 4 way how to forget about  someone.

# 1   Keep strong relationship with other friends during and after conflict.

Probably , we have seen ourselves maybe often times, having this mindset  of being with friend when we find ourselves hurt by key people we had once share a close and emotion affection and feeling for.

And sure enough to be precise it work! This does not happen automatically, just as we can form this positive mindset we can put it total  action to it.

Here is the thing:
many time’s we find ourselves in this kind of situation, but getting out of it become a pain in the heart , most time, we prefer running away from it, instead of dealing with it. And, as I know; ” we human are good in running away from our problem”.

Geez that sound hard! yes offcourse.

But, the reasonable way out of it, is to stick to friend that have your best interest at heart.

Sure enough if we can settle our mind to think about this in difficult moment, we going to do great in overcoming it. So, this is it:

# 2 Reading of books .

More often reading of books will push your chances, without getting  hurt the more from people.
In my research I found out that books are psychological ok when  we found our self being in bad mood.

In other word, reading of books make you think more of the story of what inside than what troubling you.
It also an advantage to keep you busy from finding people to stick with that might arouse your emotion about the person again. So reading of books that might interest you is another key player in helping you out.

# 3  changing location.

Most reader might not agree with this but, this is another strong way to leave your past in the box.

To be frank with you, I have been in this  same situation
But, what change everything was leaving my old town. During does period of frustration I realise that leaving my old town will be a better way to change my mindset. So, I took a step. But, when arriving to my present location I found out that. This was the best choice I have made.

Gratefully every thing about me now is better than before. So, thanks from that courage I lure in moving ahead.

So, the main key ; is that most time the only way to have a nice peace of mind changing your location might be the best option.

#4 Get away from people who stand as a reminder machine.

More importantly; if you looking for a good air to breath in your space. That might be the only option you have now.

For you to have the most reasonable peace, you need to do away with this kind of people.

The are friend that might have your best interest at heart, but the might also stand as your reminder machine. So I ask do you want to  separate wheat from chaff?

I hope you do!

Dont smile with them and pretend that everything is ok. This might hurt your feeling continously.

Looking at them alone, can bring all memory to does people that you want to do away with. chatting etc.
So, if you want a good mood, do jogging away from them is not pretty enough. But running away from them give you a strong chance to stay ok.

So, just incase you want  to Make  your self better in every aspect in your life. Those are the key things you need to apply and i promise, you do better!

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Written by ~ DYG ADMIN !

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