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See How this 4 habit will make you successful

See  how this 3  habit will make you successfull
Do you want to be successful? Sure you do! This is same question our mind or people tend to ask us either direct or indirect way, the most successful people have dominate there fear  just to get a chance to create this simple habit that can jerk there engine to action to maintain a certain goal. The like of mark zukerberg, Bezos, bill gate etc..have actualise this.
You can also benefit from it, so this time it is not about impressing anybody or attaching your self With the crowd. it  all  about developing your mind Into successful habit that can change the course of your life .
so now I give you 4 simple habit that can elevate your success.
#1 the habit of Taking  action  
There is a time to question motive, what arouse you to action tell a story how your success is going to look like , taking actions Is  One strong weapon Being  successful, also, if you can utilise this habit and make it work and again not onlyet to take action is the real cure but what kind of action do you take, it will be a foundation toward your  goal and a weapon for success.  after this action is needed.
I figure out people value there own kind of action
 ” living a live of the”  Mr comfort zone” kind of thing” it suck realizing This when  it  hinder  your growth. 

#2 the habit of listening 
A confuse multitude of lack of understand flunt the rule of listening and also lack vision to see cleary. No one succed without paying alot of attention. Listen:
The most successful people know this, and you don’t need to be left out of a “success trending hack”
If you want  to make it work you gat to   learn how to listen to detail.
Few years back had difficulties paying attention to details, it was all because I was missing the real ingredients of making  my success habit spicy. Going through is pot-holes in life , I started reading alot of books, doing this I become aware of things around me, when people talk I see myself paying alot of attention. That is how I knew things like this work alot, you can try it and see.
So,One reason people are still struggling to succed it is because of the listening capacity is to low. There is alot of distraction going on in the air because we are not paying enough attention. 
 The truth is that ” you got to increase your listening capacity”
#3 the habit of commitment 
 Being committed to particular thing.
“Focus  and  never to give up”  have alot to do  t with the non quitting mentality.
I grow to understand this when I was face  with alot of genius in my class back then in college, but I have to figure out how I can outstand them get to there level that was another issue so, I discovered I have to know what motivate or inspire there desire to do well in school, going through this process of spying through their life playing the spy game. 
 Moreover I got to understand that, they were bunch of committed individual that do not take there study for granted, it was a the habit of commitment that develop this kind of process, also I discovered that “time” and the way you plan your “schedule” with increase in” discipline” play a major part in commitment.

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